Strong and beautiful women have always been the subject of poets, movie directors and painters. They have left a lasting mark on mankind's memory. In an historical study of women depicted in art the following conclusion is given: Women always paint women. This is psychologically interesting.

History shows that often beauty was a woman's only chance to find a place in society. She had to serve the ideal of beauty of her time. But beauty is not just a snapshot of a moment or an accident of adolescence. It is a life long work to acquire and maintain through education, spirit, discipline and perfection. We know the achievements and tragedies experienced by these figures. These experiences make them more alluring than a queen, distinguished only by her birth. Some may have had the advantage of an attractive or intriguing appearance. However, what ultimately impresses us is their astounding performance.

Jürgen Standt (Sculptor, Berlin) my teacher and lifepartner influenced
me and my search for my own theme in art - Land of Queens.

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